Meeting Deadlines

I’ve worried so much about something that is due, creatively, in the next week, and I have only….25% of it done, but I am seriously trusting it will get done.  Will it be tonight or the night before its due?  Who knows, but I FINALLY understand what everyone has mentioned about needing the pressure of a looming deadline in order to get things done.  The pressure, the pressure of one week left!  That’s what has been driving me to write and be creative lately.

The thing about writing that I have come to realize is that there doesn’t always necessarily need to be a good idea or an epiphany in order to write something valuable, there just needs to be the need to do so.  I am finding it hard approaching blogs this week because I have so much going on, but my ability to continue to approach them, write them and get them out will motivate me this weekend to pre-write a few and save the time I would spend writing these writing my creative application due next week. One week from right now I will be done that application, and it is sort of daunting.

How do you write?  Is there something strange about your technique?  I tend to write solely on the computer unless it is a forming, brainstorming idea, but then there comes a time where I usually just dictate a monologue to myself over and over, rolling the words around in my mouth, until they make sense or lack it, and it all comes together from there.  I think I just need to have a good long conversation with myself to get this dialogue I’m trying to write going.

Its funny too because the project that I am working on at work right now has me explaining how to create to people who have probably never done such a thing before, and I feel like I should probably practice wha tI preach.  Try out some of the writing prompts that I suggest to people, instead of expecting the words to just come.  I wouldn’t call what I have Writer’s Block, I would just say I don’t have the mental space to write everything I want down right now.

But the pressure, the pressure is rising I can feel it.

I don’t exactly feel my usual anxiety if a project wasn’t finished and due the next day, I would usually be panicking and scrambling, and I am confused as to why.  It could be because I have been out of the academic realm for so long that that “pressure” evades my consciousness for the time being…Or, the more likely choice, I have just had so much going on right now that the idea of creative writing has completely been forgotten, and now that it has been brought up again it is more of an exciting task than a chore and THAT is how writing should be.

Happy Friday friends, I hope you have a great weekend and I hope if you’re like me and trying to get writing that you do!  Good writing to you all and to all a good day!

xx Jess


A while back I came across this band courtesy of a dressing room playlist for pre show on a show I was working on in university, and the Rolling Stone had the entire Zeus album available for a stream. This band honestly sounds straight out of 1975, post-BeFleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, it is reminiscent of Almost Famous with the Stilwater hair band-mentality, and above all it is damn good music. This song came on my shuffle playlist at work and I think I listened to it four or five times in a row. Check out some of their other songs like “Are You Gonna Waste My Time,” that are a bit more old school classic rock, this one is a bit more modern, a bit hip, I don’t know its just good.

There is something amazing about a band that is TORONTO-BRED and PERFECTLY INDECIPHERABLE from a band from…forty years ago? Its just. Great.

Enjoy, and easy listening folks.

xx Jess

Planning: Finding Comfort in Spontaneity

Oh friends, it is that time in my life where I must pack up my belongings and head out of the room I’ve grown to call home for the past year (and beyond but consistently for the past year) and it is daunting.  One thing that I’ve written about profusely is the fact that I tend to plan my entire life out and do, admittedly, find comfort and also insanity in this act.  I enjoy it, I strive for order in my life, and I honestly will get up and out of bed after being there for a while to make a lis tof things to do a week from then.  It’s just how my brain works.

However, and this is a BIG however, pertaining to this big move that is less than two weeks away, I have made one list, and the things on that list get done, but aren’t planned into my days, and now with the last weekend of my at-home existence looming, I am realizing that I have been comfortable with the fact that I am not organized for the move.

What is this feeling?

I am feeling good about saving those little tidbits until the alst minute or even until the day of.  I feel grown up in a way that I’ve never felt before.  Maybe when I get to my apartment I’ll need to nip to Home Sense and pick up a pair of lamps.  Maybe I’ll even need to grab some shampoo or soap, dish soap!  What about dish soap!  Previously I’ve planned my moves to a T, but if I’m honest I’m in need of a big change, bigger than spending four months in a different continent with the promise of coming back; this time there’s no promise, no deadline, and it feels…right.

So, as I enter into the last week of being at home, my last week to pack, I pledge to make as little lists as possible and do what I need to to get it done.  I don’t have much time the rest of this week to pack so leave it to the weekend, it’ll get done, it needs to.  I feel as though I’m not stressed because I trust and truly believe that it will get done, there will be time, I trust myself enough for that.

And that is a cool thing.

xx Jess

Work In Style

Hello friends!  I’ve been changing around the blog theme lately and haven’t landed on one that I really like yet, stick with me!  I’ll figure out what I prefer eventually!  In the meantime, I have started working full-time and have been (for the most part) in an office space where looking professional is pretty important.  I do tend to have most of my meetings on the phone, but being around other professionals does inspire me to get up and at ’em with style daily.  As for today, I have gone with a green silk dress with a scarf and braid, and if I’m honest I only wear makeup if I’m having an in-person meeting.  this is just my preference because the eye makeup bothers my eyes when I’m on the computer all the time.IMG_20150405_115045

I love prints, I love tights, and I love heels or boots.  I love nice jewelry, and I love trying out things with my hair.  Best Working Style staple?  Lipstick.  A little bit of foundation and a bit of lipstick goes a long way when it comes to looking clean, awake, and ready to get things done!


I always trust that my productivity will be better if I feel good in what I’m wearing as well.  We all have those days where the track pants come on and the coffee brews and productivity is at its best, but for me that only happens once in a blue moon.  I tend to work my best when I am in an outfit I love, out of my house, and around other people who can see that I am working.


I always looking to for inspiration in pretty much every outfit that I wear, but especially for work-appropriate outfits.    If I get enough Likes on this blog post maybe I’ll create a pinterest for Cosy Notebook that we can share ideas about what to wear.  I never pin anything right now, but if people would be interested in what inspires me then I could definitely be persuaded.


If you have any ideas or inspiration for work outfits hit me up!  I love fashion blogs that pertain to a theme like that, or link me your pinterest!

Best dressing, friends!

xx Jess

The Healing Power of a Cup of Coffee

Good morning friends and happy Monday!  I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!  I had quite the busy one, working on a play with some great friends.  One thing I’ve come to appreciate (which I think many people do appreciate very much) is a good moment in the morning with a cup of coffee.  This weekend was proof of that, waking up first thing and basking in sunshine and good conversation with a nice coffee.  This morning I stopped in at Startbucks (in my defense I’d rather be at the local coffee shops but none of them are open before I get to work…or are on my way…and it was raining) and with my “Grande” I feel a whirl of refreshment.

This is the kind of refreshing that usually accompanies a cup of tea or coffee for me on a regular basis.  Despite it being the first bright and early morning of the week I now feel at ease.  After my morning meditation (which I would love to do with a tea but am trying to work myself up to being able to drink lots of water or anything that early but it wasn’t happening today) and now this cup of coffee I believe that my heart, mind and body is ready to be productive and tackle the day!

I say the “Healing Power” of Coffee (yes, CAPITAL C!) because there is something in this culture that we associate with Monday morning that is so apprehensive.  I didn’t sleep well last night because, I kid you not, I was worrying about what to wear in the rain today.  Needless to say, I went to bed with the intention of a half hour yoga practice this morning and woke up with the capacity of a ten minute meditation instead, but there is something so simple about the healing powers of meditation that are only enhanced by drinking something warm to follow it up.  I feel my heart at ease and my body literally “warming” up, which is good on this rainy day.

Coffee encourages me to be social, it encourages me to be productive, it takes away the headache of a long or potentially stressful day.  It escapes me of my anxiety and apprehension of the elusive “Monday,” and the best of all: it tastes great.

If you’re feeling blue today grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and think that things could be a lot worse.

xx Jess


I know very little about the upkeep and stylings of hair.  I tend to air dry after shampoo and conditioner, and I’ve never coloured or done anything drastic to my hair.  My haircut that happened yesterday was my first in many months, and it was needed.  It feels much healthier and lighter, ready for spring.  I am not the kind of person to really spend too much time worrying about my hair, it just needs to…exist.

So post-haircuts I tend to just embrace it, and enjoy it.  Is it long enough to braid? Check.  Long enough for a ponytail?  Yup.  I’ll worry about the shape and anything else tomorrow, today is just about going with the flow.

I think that’s what I’m going to take with me as a token into this rehearsal weekend (beginning tonight at Lonestar for margaritas and fajitas, the best way to start a galpal weekend full of theatre and good people); I am going to go with the flow, relax, elt it go.  Things happen everyday without any prevention, without any control applied, and we can’t do anything to change them, so we have to just go with it, what else is there to do?  No sense worrying, no sense crying or bothering others.

Just going about my days, minimal worry minimal stress, shucking all of the heavy bits of my life (for the weekend at least) and that’s what that haircut did for me yesterday.


xx Jess

The Sun on my Face

After work today I popped in my audiobook (Wild by Cheryl Strade? Straid? It’s an audiobook how do you spell her last name? I’ve only ever heard her say it..alright moving on) and walked to a local market to pick up some home made, whole wheat pizza dough. While crossing the street on my first few moments outside I recognised the weird feeling hitting my face…it was…the sun? Warmth? And it was wonderful. There is something so simple and pure about the moment that winter exits and it is warm enough for you to feel the sun on your legs (Canadian things?) and sit out on a patio to enjoy a coffee/cocktail/good book/good company. There is something so desired about this weather, and its funny that I’ve spent two days on the blog chatting about how happy I am about the sun, but I think its really profound in my life today for a number of reasons.

The huge, impending move that is NEARLY TWO WEEKS AWAY, the big changes, the uncertainty again that I had thought I had gotten over… And the unpredictability of the weather. I think that noticing the weather lately has been….really one of the most stable things in my life. The most reliable thing I can lean on, that there wil be weather, that it will reflect the world aroundme, and reminds me that I am just a small little person in the grand scheme of all of the people in the world, the cosmos, and I’ve lost sight of how this relates to you.

I think its important to look outside once in a while and remember that…blogs are hardly tangible, I can’t see the blog without the help of something else, but the sun hits my face, and I can feel the warmth, and it happens outdoors, and the sun rises and sets everyday. The sun remains reasonably stable, and with that I will trust that its going to rise again tomorrow.

End of weird, hippie, sun salutation/worshiping rant, and promising to stray away from the weather tomorrow!

xx Jess

Sweater Weather

It is true, friends, that Sweater Weather can really be any time of the year if you wish. But for me the best days of Sweater Weather are early Fall and Early Spring, and as we find ourselves plopped lovingly down in the beginnings of what hopefuly will become a bright and sunny and sometimes rainy Spring, Sweater Weather has graced its presence upon us.

One of my most favourite things about Canada without the snow is the ability to sit on the ground. At my parents house we have this amazing back deck that truly doesn’t get enough use, and in the warmer months I like to lay my yoga mat out back and do yoga in the afternoons. Truth be told in the early Springtime it is lovely to sit back there after dinner with a tea and a script (could this be my evening plans? My memorization has eluded me until this week…ah, the joys of being in the theatre) and taking a half hour or so before the sun goes down in a cosy sweater to snuggle up and listen and smell nature.

That’s just it isn’t it? For me at least. Sweater Weather is all winter but it truly comes apparent when you can just wear a sweater outside of the house, no more coats or boots, just a pair of flats and a sweater. If that light breeze remains then a sweater is needed, and boy do I welcome that feeling with open arms.

Embrace this weather my friends, before we know it it will change into blistering, unbearably hot sweat-y weather instead, and not long after that blistering cold again. The weather is so…fragile and never constant, so when it is as pleasant as this we must care for it and make sure that upon its next return our best sweaters are ready to be worn.

xx Jess

Thinking About Decorating a Room

Good AFternoon, friends!  I have been planning a big move from my family home to a solo apartment.  Luckilly that apartment is furnished, but I have been posed a small obstacle of not being able to bring what is referred to as “wall hangings” to decorate my room.  I have been thinking that I would like it to have more of a “grown up” feel as opposed to recent years of walls smothered in posters of bands and films, sticky note reminders, and paper snowflakes (although all were equally admired and are remembered fondly).  I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, and although I haven’t chosen the particulars here are a few ideas I’ve been toying with.

1.  The “Tumblr”-esque Photo Wall with the Twinkle Lights

This idea is on one hand the cutest most interesting thing I can find that is easy to do and non-wall hanging (minimal sticky blue tack) BUT is also…what everyone wants.  And time consuming.  I mean, I haven’t printed photos for years, and it would be nice to have them hanging somewhere.  I think what I like about this blog is that its about creating a “space” with a “feeling,” which is what I am going for.  My first tip for finding the right bedroom deco is figure out what you want to feel in that room and go for it.  I am looking into printing a few photos myself because of this…

2.  Re-Use, Vintage, Re-Purpose

I do love me anything Vintage, and anything re-purposed.  This blog has FIFTY ideas of different uses for different things, or how to make something old and unexciting into something new and probably much more useful than what you have it now.  I love this kind of idea, and it is great to re-use old organizational things.  One of my favourites is creating your own headboard from fabric.  In something like a dorm or fully furnished apartment its hard to make things look “room-y” but by using fabric and fixtures (ie, wire hangers) shapes and structure can come from anything!

3.  Creatively Maximize Closet Space

While I’ve always had a relatively small closet while living away from home it has always had half-arsed organization, and this website provides creative solutions to keeping organized in a small closet (or any closet, why not?!).  I will definitely be taking from this and working my way through my closeted belongings ina  cute and fun way!

4. Funky DIY Wall Art

Although most of these projects look extremely adventurous I believe that with a little determination, patience, and…talent you might be able to work through them and create something super cool and worthy to go on a wall or a dresser!  Depending on my time (and patience, ha) I will be trying out one or two by purchasing small or various sized canvases at Michael’s.  If anything this has inspired me to take on a craft or two before moving out!

Hope these ideas have inspired your next deco project, I hope to be trying a few of these out myself!

xx Jess

Audiobook Dismay

I recently got really into this book while travelling to work in the mornings and it was about Space and Space Travel and Mars, and it was…probably inaccurately scientific but scintific nonetheless, and I thought that it would never end, however, the audiobook stopped two and a half hours in.

This was ildly disappointing if only because now I wil never find my place again, because this ocpy just ends. There is not another file downloaded or to download, and it isn’t a normal copy of the novel so it isn’t like I can just re-download it and find my place. I will never know what happened to The Martian (Andy Weir).

So, I’ve decided to hypothesize what would happen if I were on Mars. It sounds logical, doesn’t it?

I read a lot, and lately for some reason astronomy has come up quite a bit (I think thats mainly due to my friend Anna who recomended the first space book I read and now I’m just on a kick) but I’ve always loved the stars. Nerd alert, when I used to…erm…frequent Harry Potter forums I used to TEACH AN ASTRONOMY CLASS. I was fourteen and knew nothing about anything, but we were all kind of in the same boat teaching eachother random Hogwarts classes to pass the time.

I get it I am a loser I’m writing a blog post about Living on Mars I get that don’t worry.

If I lived on Mars I think that my priorities (contraire to what happened in the first two hours o The Martian) would consist of food, water and entertainment. Now, he covers all three of those areas, but I believe that book reading and panicking would also be high on the list… Hoping to be rescued, and although inevitable,impending death is about to occur, I would try to be in somewhat high spirits. The Martian seems extremely calm and kept-headed (is that a term?) throughout the first bit, so who knows, maybe he reads a book later on, he was halfway through watching the Dukes of Hazzard when the audiobook stopped.

What am I even talking about anymore?

The point is, I have an imagination and the ability to share that imagination, not like on Mars where I would be condemned to sharing my stories with myself for the rest of my eternity, and that’s pretty sad. So even though it would be WICKED COOL to live in space, I’m grateful to be able to shar emy ideas, loves, and creativity with you all.

Lots of love.

xx Jess