My Eye Needs Help From You.

I’ve been considering saving this meditation for the next issue of Feminist space Camp Magazine…but, no. I think I need to write a two-parter here, quickly, before I melt into a puddle of hunger and fatigue from just too many things being held up by me… First, I want to just say, that I am […]

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Lasting and Meaningful Creation

I thought I would write about my travels before the summer was over, but there’s no way I could translate my memories into words. I tried for many people already orally, but it seems as though….there are too many meaningful and beautiful moments to create something that represents them well enough, even the photos, and […]

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Feminist Space Camp Magazine: A Call

The Call: Hi friends, I’m hoping to start a digital magazine called Feminist Space Camp. I am looking for five, 2000 word max. prose essays on anything from pop culture, theatre, self care, art, Netflix, music, fashion, fitness, body positivity, intersectionality, rage, love, grief, trauma, or anything and everything you can think of for the […]

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Filling the Reserves

I wrote the final comprehensive exam for my PhD on September 9, 2017. Yesterday, October 27, I felt as though I had enough time to recover from the energy and stress it took to prepare and write the exam. It has been an untimely stressful period of my life, the last three months in particular, […]

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Blind Academic Lady Life 1

I’ve been thinking for a while I’d start writing this blog again. Do I set up a deadline-driven schedule like I used to so it will actually happen? Probably not. I want to write again because lately I’ve been thinking a lot of things, and talking to people about a lot of things, that seem […]

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