Let’s Talk Floral

Is it just a spring passing fashion trend?  Or are flowers the essence of romance?  My girlfriends seem to think that flowers represent a thoughtful expression of intimacy or at least I think that way.  The first flower I ever received from a boy was in seventh grade during an assembly.  He stole a rose from a neighbouring house’s garden, and I still have it.  Since then I keep one flower from each bouqet that I receive, including prom corsages and congratulation flowers.  I’m sentimental (and a hoarder) like that.


While in residence and apartments before my vase-life I would cut my bunches of flowers short and stick them into the multitude of mugs that I own around my room.  Now that I have a vase they usually sit in the kitchen until the work week where they move to my desk.  For the record I cannot wait until I can have a kitchen table of my own to put my own flowers on.


I’m not sure what my favourites are.  I love daisies and sunflowers, but basically anything colourful I love them all.  I wish I could have fresh flowers in my house every week, but that’s expensive and unrealistic.


If you’re looking for something simple as a gift or a thank you,I know that a little flowers go a long way.


Xx Jess

Oscar De La Renta Dreaming…

Now that I’ve gotten my wedding woes out of my system, I thought I would woe about another, different wedding inspiration.  Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday.  Why does this matter t me?  Well, his gowns were my high fashion life.  I have quite literally fifty ripped pages of Vogue of his gowns, tumblr posts, bookmarked, saved to desktops and I have spent months deciding on a perfect wedding gown “if only it was white!”  from his collections.

Yes, I’ve pictured myself in a flowing Oscar de la Renta gown with gloves on my wedding day.

I’m nowhere near getting married, but every girl pictures a princess-esque day, let it be at a court house, in a red pant suit, with a man or a woman, we all do it, and we picture the people around us but also the dress we are in.  I’ve always known my whole life that I would never be able to afford it, but just knowing that I, again, quite literally have a file folder FULL of Oscar de la Renta gowns for inspiration to bring with me while searching means that the loss of my favourite designer is a huge deal to me.


Not enough to shed tears, but enough to pull out the file folder and sift through the beautiful pages.  I don’t feel like sharing much of them right now but I will add a few that I think are good representations of why I actually love the designer.

They are obviously not my favourites, but they are the bodice shapes, skirt size and flowy-ness and colours that I do enjoy.  I do prefer to have the pictures in my hands though, there isn’t anything better than running your fingers over a de la Renta gown, trust me.


RIP Oscar de la Renta, my inspiration to keep loving fashion and continue to enjoy it.  We lost a bit of style when we lost you.

Xx Jess

Bridal Crop Tops: The Final Frontier?

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time.  I wrote an entire post about exposing our mid drifts for the sake of looking in-style, and to those select women whatever floats your boat.  I have a few crop tops that I exclusively wear with high-waisted things because let’s be real not everyone needs to see my tummy in all of its..uh, glory.  But I was perousing twitter this morning to come across a very depressing topic.


Bridal Crop Tops.


If you must buy couture wedding dresses (lucky you) then you may know that it is a huge market with tons of websites, magazines, designers, consumers, photographers and so many aspects of the industry that remains a bit puzzling.  Over all wedding couture is stunning and overpriced and elegant but extravagent.  You come to expect that from the high fashion industry when you can only afford (almost, kind of, mostly) things from the Gap.  So when I came across the phenomenon known as CROP TOP WEDDING DRESSES I thought to myself, “deary, I think we’ve gone too far.”


I think what did it for me is the obvious fact that having a wedding dress in any capacity is just to exclaim how amazing you are, how far you’ve come in your life, your wealth, especially if this wedding is attended by more than just you and your beloved, and even then it says “I’m the centre of attention,” which sure I mean its your day do what you want, but then comes in fitted dresses, low-cut dresses, which are more acceptable since those types of clothing are well known in mainstream fashion, you see that in movies and on television.  But having something so uh, sacred, like a wedding dress, be cut in half for the sake of showing off an (in my opinion) unnecessary body part just seems to be taking this whole mania a step further than Bridezilla, but into Extravagent Attention-Seeker.


Last night I spent a few hours with the bestest of friends around a few cups of tea and the topic of marriage.  How can we dictate the rules of marriage on anyone?  The concept of marriage changes from culture, country, religion, lifestyle, and yet if someone for example moves back in with their parents with their new husband in North America we scoff.  If I see a photo of a stick-thin model wearing a beautiful couture gown with a crop top I scoff LOUDER.  Who are we to even have an opinion?  Even if you don’t believe in marriage you attend weddings, give gifts, and support.  So who am I to say this phenomenon is kind of silly?


Despite the fact that it TOTALLY IS and I disagree with it WHOLLY.


I guess what it comes down to is that when and if I ever traditionall get married in the socially constructed sense I will not be sporting anyhting extremely show-y, but a white dress a gown a beautiful pristine fabricce thing is in my future, despite my feelings towards the attention-seeking nature, its ingrained in me now.


xx Jess

A Weekend of Comfort

image (10)     image (11)     image (7)

  image (24)      image (23)

I’ve spent the weekend in Sauble Beach at our family trailer where we have spent many a-summers beaching, shopping, tanning, having campfires and spending time together. Thanksgiving weekend marks the end of the season for our family and my weekend began with a walk around my favourite smelling place in the world. The leaves are changing, it is so quiet and peaceful. This is where I began writing (albeit about Egypt and the Bermuda Triangle, but we all start somewhere) and many memories come from that campfire, the streets where I used to ride my bike, and so much more.

image (17)      image (5)

Most of my days were spent shopping on the main street and having a meal out with my family.  Our favourite food place Lobby’s (now referred to as Sola’s although it will forever be Lobby’s to us!) was closed for the season as it had been extremely cooler this summer than usual and it is a patio-only place, we were happy to go to the Sauble Dunes instead and my dad and I enjoyed some chili–which is growing to be our favourite thing to eat around this time of year!  We ventured around the shops which are usually half price to even better sales around this time, and I may have bought a few cheeky half priced Christmas decorations.  They were on sale I couldn’t resist!

image (14)

I spent a good amount of my time this past weekend knitting and ended up finishing an entire scarf as well as finishing an entire audiobook!  What a relaxing thing to do all day, knit, watch Game of Thrones with your family, and read.  It was relaxing to say the least.

unnamed (3)

We ended up heading down to the sunset RIGHT after dinner like we usually do but it was so cold that for the actual setting of the sun we had to sit inside of our car, but this is by far one of my favourite parts of going to the beach. I just love watching the sun go down, and this will be the last time I see it go down on Lake Huron until next season!

unnamed (4)      image (12)

Our last orning we made french toast with the bread that I made earlier this week and it was AMAZING!  Perfect density for french toast, very thick and with a cheeky mimosa it all made for a cosy morning!  My dad and I usually spend our Sauble mornings drinking coffee with Baileys on the front porch but this weekend was much too chilly.  I did bundle up and do some Vogue reading and coffee drinking on the porch though!

image (21)

It really is one of my most favourite places on earth and definitely my favourite place to be during the autumn pre-Thanksgiving season.  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well, I know I did with my family!

unnamed (5)

xx Jess

Autumn Style Series: Thanksgiving Gatherings

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend wherever you are, but most importantly to those in Canada celebrating the big family gathering day full of (usually) turkey and good cheer which is Thanksgiving.  We remember what we are grateful for and the amazing people in our lives this weekend, and after a cosy time in Sauble (posts coming soon) I spent the evening of the past two days with close family and good meals with a splash of very good holiday cheer.


image (2)


If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving or understand what it means that’s neither here nor there as for me this holiday means a few things.  It means the beautiful colours and seasons around me are changing.  It means that I can spend time with my family by way of conversation and also in the kitchen.  It means that I can allocate a whole day to being grateful for my life.  And It means that the people around me also feel the same.




Among many memories I have from this weekend one that I am thankful for was a moment after Sunday’s events at my grandparents’ home when I returned to my room after being at the cottage and after a relaxing bath,


image (1)

image (3)


With my new Lush products and a glass of wine I stumbled onto my mentor Melissa’s meditation video about giving thanks.  I am not a spiritual human, I am merely someone who appreciates other people and the energy that we possess as a community, and this video brought me back to the feeling of oneness, wholeness and serenity in this busy chaos of a holiday.



I lit two candles for my meditation and for the people in my life who I am thankful for, and after reconnecting and having some alone time I found myself reflecting on the way in which I connect with people.  I talk a lot, but sometimes I feel the most connected when there is a moment that I can sit in my own silence and soak in others’ voices.  There was a specific moment in my Grandmother’s kitchen where I sat back and watched her talk about a close friend of hers who lives in BC whom she has been close with since elementary school, and after decades passing and rare visits they are still such close friends.  I am grateful to have my grandmother telling me stories at all, but this hit home for me on this holiday.


After being frustrated by graduate school applications and decisions being made I revel in the idea that there really are more important things than a career, making money, and academic successes in the world.  Friendship and love trumps all, and that is all we need to worry about.  Everything falls into place if you work hard, but that also includes relationships, where a lot of people I know shove them to the waistside while they achieve their dreams.  Your dreams are yours for the achieving, and power to you, I know I have a goal-oriented approach to my own dreams and I am driven to succeed, but I pledge to not give attention to the people and relationships in my life that are well deserving.


So in the wake of this weekend and the gearing up to the next few holidays (Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays around the December months) I hope that everyone sees their dreams and sees their close relationships and appreciates them appropriately, while being true to themselves and having a wonderful time.


Xx Jess

Becca’s Bread

It is Thanksgiving weekend! Welcome to the pivotal autumn introduction folks (here in Canada at least!). My contribution to the various family meals that are occuring this weekend has been making bread! I sent my good dear Becca a message asking for her recipe for bread as all I remember tasting in my second year apartment was her beautiful baking! After writing it down in my own recipe book and making sure we had all ingredients I settled into a day of baking!

Two loaves were going to be made, one just a loaf for my family going up north for the weekend and one batch was going to be made into rolls! I was very excited to test my baking skills.


With bread things must sit for a long time and then bakes,

image (1)

and eventually they come out beautifully golden and smelling delicious! I made both of my loaves with whole wheat flour, and after kneading and working the dough my arms are due to be sore in the mrning! I am just happy to contribute! Thanks to Becca for passing me along the recipe, I’m sure they will be enjoyed!

image (4)

image (3)

xx Jess

Chef Jessie